Monday, August 29, 2011

New Life

This is not Joseph Smith as my Mom kept calling him but tis my liege lord and husband Sir Robert Charles. He was gracious enough to take me to a Regency Romance Ball put on by a really cool club in Salt Lake City. It was an adventure.
This is me at around 10 months. I am sitting by my Juju (my Dad's Mother) in a park in Elk Grove CA.
This is me all dolled up 24 and a half years later
This is my Wonderful Husband who likes me for me.

It has been forever since I last posted. I am not even going to apologize because I have no excuse and I am sure it will happen again! ok ok I am sorry. My guilt complex is very well developed- Thanks, Mom!
I really do wish to be a cool blogger but I have ended up just doing picture dumps and while I think my children are the most beautiful and wonderful things ever(as every mother should) I also have thoughts that don't revolve around them... ummm...I think.
I have done so much since last November I don't even know where to begin. Hmmm I started College again, we moved (again)... so maybe I haven't done as much as I was thinking but just these two things sure feel like a lot! What I have learned so far is that I really hate moving and Math!!
I do still need to add pictures so that if every memory card or file blows up I will have some things saved on here.


Carrilyne said...

I love that you are blogging again! I love the pics from your regency ball! Your so cute! And I would love to read more of your thoughts and ideas through your blog! I feel lik there is so much more to me than just posting pics of my kids but when I actually sit down to blog I find I can't think of a single original thought! I must do it more often to recapture my inner thoughts! :)

Chelsea said...

Thats how I feel too! I feel all like "what was that really deep thing I was thinking the other day?" and then I am all "Oh well lets just Photo dump"